The Chapter 5 conundrum

I've discovered something fascinating about my personal writing process.

When I start a story, I always know who my main characters are, and how the story is (roughly) going to play out. I have most of my plot twists and surprises lined up and outlined. I already know the ending. I have at least one "get together" scene, a "fallout" scene and two "major reveal" scenes planned out, sometimes even written out in draft form.

But then I'd reach chapter 5 and my inner writer would go, "Did you really think it would be that easy?", then throw a new character into the mix. One that changes everything.

At that point I'm forced to sit down and rethink everything I know about the story and the characters. This is usually quite disruptive since I've become so invested in my characters and their lives that it breaks my momentum completely. It would take me a couple of days, sometimes a week or more, of rewriting a single chapter before I get back into the groove.

That's what happened with "Teasing the Golden Boy" as I was writing chapter 6. I was quite happy with the way things were going, until Nate ran into Marcus. Literately. Who the hell's Marcus, you ask. Exactly what I wanted to know!

Long story short, I think I've finally got a handle on who Marcus is and how he will affect our favourite golden boy. Kaleb won't be too happy, that I can promise you ;)

Chapter 6 should be up in the next day or two, depending on how many times I'll need to rewrite before my inner voice is satisfied. But I am convinced that the story is better for it, so my updates should pick up again... until chapter 10, when the next crux is bound to appear.


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