Queer As Folk = my precious

Guess what came in the mail today? The complete 5 seasons of the hottest, sexiest, most drool worthy series you'll ever lay your pervy eyes on!

Queer As Folk is all about the queer folk (obviously). It follows the story of seven gay friends (five guys, two women) and all the drama, love, hurt, friendship and sex to last you two lifetimes! The main protagonist is Brian Kinney, a bona fide sex god and the reluctant recipient of the 17 year old Justin's infatuation. Their tale of friendship, growing love and heartbreak is one of the most bewitching, honest and gut wrenching tales I've ever seen, and is the top three reasons I bought it. The fourth reason is all the beautiful, naked bodies and sweaty sex, of course.

Which leaves me with only two things to say:
  1. If you don't hear from me for the next, say... two weeks, it's probably because I don't have a life anymore, I'm watching QaF 24/7.
  2. After those two weeks, expect a flood of QaF fan fics :P
If this is the first time you ever heard of QaF, do a YouTube search for "Queer as Folk", "QaF" and "Brian and Justin". Just be aware, it's got an age restriction of 18 for extreme nudity and sex, lots of sex.


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