Say hello to TtGB Chapter 9 part 1. Lemon-flavoured.

In my story "Teasing the Golden Boy", the sexual tension has been sizzling in the air, and after our troubled bad boy realized how stupid he was to lash out at his golden boy, things suddenly turn HOT! Yes, boys and girls, here is the lemon you've been waiting for. Here's what some of my wonderful readers are saying about that:

"That was shmexy!!!" - Peacepal8499

"*squeak* *moan* *sighs* damn. I am speechless!.... I write erotica as my forte but that had me.... mmm.... well bloody done! bravo indeed! well worth waiting for." - Absynthe

"Oh hot damn, that was so hot I blushed like crazy and fanned my face and my mom looked at me like I was on crack or something. But it was totally worth it!" - HopelessButHoping

Because it's so sizzling hot, Wattpad automatically marked it "Private". That means only my fans have access to it, and if you haven't fanned me yet you won't see the link to it on Chapter 8 no matter what you do. Luckily fanning is easy: go to my profile, click on "Become a fan!", then go read it!

Voila! ;)


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