"Lessons in Naughtiliciousness" (teacher/student) [boyxboy] is up

Dee is a shmexy rainbow unicorn who falls head over heels for Mr. Bryanston, so he decides that it's time to give his ambivalent English teacher some lessons in naughtiliciousness, and hopefully win his heart as well.

That student/teacher oneshot I told you about is finally finished. It is called "Lessons in Naughtiliciousness" and the main story (the oneshot part) is a whopping 14 wattpad pages long, but since I plan to write follow-up chapters about Dee's future lessons in naughtiliciousness, it is technically not a oneshot anymore.

The good news is I am finally happy with the emotional flow and character portrayal in the story, and I absolutely love both characters (in the beginning I disliked the teacher on moral grounds) but it cost me two weeks in rewrites... *sigh*. But, since I've spent all that time in their heads I felt it was unfair towards them (and myself!) not to write some more chapters about Dee's irrepressible horny nature and the "lessons" he'll be subjecting poor Mr. B to! *evil laugh*

But I digress. I'll be writing those chapters in the near future, but since I'm still busy with my main story "Teasing the Golden Boy" as well, I'll have to juggle updates between them, so please be patient!

If you're also curious about Dee's erotic feet hanky-panky (amongst other things), click over there and vote and comment, okay? I love to hear from you guys!!

Go read it now.


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