The teacher/student oneshot that will not end!

Back in March, my fan @sarahcc told me about an incident involving her laptop that had my story "Teasing the Golden Boy" on it, and her English teacher who read it, liked it, and requested that she keeps him up to date with any new chapters. As you know, the last chapter (Chapter 9-1) was... hot and steamy to say the least. She took the new chapters to him (unaware of the lemon) and that resulted in quite an awkward situation where she basically read soft porn along with her English teacher. The OMG part is that he read every word and liked it (she mentioned he got really shifty while reading the lemon, so I'm guessing he really liked it *wink wink*), then he proceeded to critique it and demanded that she continue bringing him updates. (Go read her comments on that chapter for the exact details.)

Can anyone say "Doh!" >.<

That surreal tale inspired me to write a teacher/student oneshot. Yes, that's what I've been doing this entire time, my lovelies. I have not forgotten you or my favourate Golden Boy and his love interest, but this "English teacher that likes slash"-thing was just too inspiring to ignore.

But, and this is the downer, once I started writing it, I had trouble with the flow and character motivation, and has been stuck for a while now. You see, I learned something about myself: I enjoy naughty student/teacher stories as much as the next person, but once I started writing one I realised I have a moral problem with a teacher entering into a relationship with a student, especially a sexual one. That makes it almost impossible to finish this story since I can't get inside the head of a teacher who will actually "cross over to the dark side" without becoming despicable in my eyes... *very deeeeeep sigh*

BUT! I've spent countless hours on it and written over 6000 words already, so I refuse to discard all that hard work (and a lot of it is actually very nice), plus I love the characters (the student is really cute and very different from any of my other characters) despite the little issue I have, so I've decided to just suck it up and finish the damn thing, even if it kills me.

So. I might be dead in two days. Or you guys will have a delicious new shmexy oneshot to feast your pervy little eyes on. Because I'm making the lemon extra juicy as a nice little spiteful 'take that!' to show this never-ending oneshot it will not get me down!
[Update 13/6: Guess what? It's done!]

And if anyone read this, please let me know your thoughts in the comments. It would make my day week year!


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