A 1000 fans: my joy, my motivation

Hi everyone. Long time no see, huh?

Yeah, I apologize for that, and will not bore you with lame excuses except that I had a few Real Life things going on (still do), that left me with a deep lethargy and no energy left to write. I even stopped visiting Wattpad. Shocker, I know!

But I missed it SO MUCH! I had no idea how much I relied on Wattpad for my sanity until I opened my neglected email account and was flooded by the most amazing comments on my stories, and people fanning me. That's when I realized what has been missing. I NEED my amazing fans, my crazy characters, my favourite authors, and those addictive stories to function as a productive member of society, not cut them out of my life for stupid reasons like being a waste of my time. Pfft. As if!

So I finally logged on to Wattpad again, and what do you know? I have over a THOUSAND fans!

Wow. *takes deep shaky breath and wipes tears away*

I don't feel like I deserve that kind of love, but then I've always maintained that my fans are the most amazing, wonderful, seriously rocking people on the face of this planet!

The good news? I'm writing again, and the next Golden Boy installment should be up in the next day, yay! I'm also working on a oneshot because it's been too long and I've forgotten how much I need to write.

In other words, UP YOURS REAL LIFE! You suck anyway! I'd pick Wattpad and my awesome peeps over you any day of the week! *sticks out tongue in childish defiance*

Those Real Life stuff are still there, looming over me like the shadow of a serial killer in a corny slasher movie, but with my awesome fans fueling my dwindling fire, I think I'll survive.


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