Today I cried some happy tears!

My favourite Wattpad author just plugged my story!!! *fangirl squeal!*

But I digress.

I regularly stalk a few Wattpad authors, but there is one author, MaddyRawr10, who is my absolute favourate. She's a prolific slash writer, she's the queen of one shots, and she is the reason I joined the Wattpad community in the first place (there are a lot of crappy writers out there [see the 20/80 rule], but when I found her amazing stories I just knew I was home). She's also one of the reasons I made the transition to slash, which basically translates to, "She changed my life. True story."

Today every one of her 5430 fans received the following email from her:

Email from MaddyRawr10 to all her fans that says "This boyxboy story is going to win the Watty Awards and believe me when I say you want to get in on the ground floor of this one..."

Yes, that blue line in the middle of that message is a link to MY story "Virgin Skin", and it made me cry some happy tears! Then I got the following notification from Wattpad:
Email that says MaddyRawr10 became my fan

My life is complete.


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