New short story, "Virgin Skin", for Watty Awards 2012

I've posted a new short story called "Virgin Skin" that I'm entering into the 2012 Watty Awards. Virgin skin is the term used by someone with serious ink to refer to a person who has no body modifications or any tattoos. It's different from the stories I've written up to now as far as theme goes -- it's boyxboy but centers more around destiny than pure romance.

Micha hasn't spoken in over a year because of a traumatic experience, and he's starting to think he never will. When he meets Custo, he's too intimidated by him to look beyond his outward appearance -- Custo's arms, back and part of his torso are covered with magnificant tattoos, and he has enough body mods to trigger a metal detector.
At first Micha is simply a peculiarity to Custo, because of his virgin skin. But when Custo has a disturbing dream, he realized that there's more to Micha than meets the eye, that Micha desperately needed him. But how does he figure out what to do when Micha can't even talk to him?

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