What Kaleb and his Golden Boy look like

I've known for a long time what Nate looks like. This photo of Alex Pettyfer has been my inspiration for Nate since the very beginning, even before I started writing "Teasing the Golden Boy". But I knew how overused he was as an actor for Wattpad stories (I mean, look at the guy, he's a sex god!), so I've been searching for an alternative "face" for Nate. After months I can say without a doubt that this is Nate. No one else even comes close.

Kaleb was not that easy. I knew what he looked like in my head, but up to date I have not found a single guy who had that sexy, rough, smoldering look that screams "bad boy" as much as "cute but a little bit damaged". Then I saw the movie LOL and there he was: my Kaleb in the form of Douglas Booth. Okay, well, he's not exactly what I pictured, but he definitely puts out the right vibe, and I'm a writer so I go with the flow ;). Just imagine him with a few earrings and an eyebrow piercing.

Now you finally know what Kaleb and Nate looks like. They are sexy, right? Hell yeah!


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