My stories dominate Google searches!

Yeah, I know it's a total geek thing to do, but who doesn't Google their own name once in a while? Or at least, in a writer's case the name of their stories?

And since I'm a geek (and some of my stories are totally rocking the webospheres), I am going to share it with you. Aren't you lucky? (That was a rhetorical question babe.)

Virgin Skin: Ranks #4 on Google, right beneath a Photobucket search that shows mainly pictures of tattoos, and some girl who asks if she can break her virgin skin with a sex toy (or masturbating). Ahem... yeah. The image search is less stellar. The cover is pushed to page 2 by photos of hair extensions (WTF?) and a few other random stuff. The best part? Google asking quite helpfully if I'd like to do a related search for "hymen".

Teasing the Golden Boy: It totally DOMINATES the 1st and 2nd search pages of Google, taking up spots #1 through #17!!! And guess what comes up in the 1st and 2nd spot on Google Image search? You guessed it: the cover (#1) & character photo of Nate & Kaleb (#2). I mean, they even outranked Robert Pattinson, the golden boy of Google Image searches who always shows up in every single Google Image search you do, no matter what keywords you use.

Lessons in Naughtiliciousness: Aaaaand... we have another winner! This one also dominates the first two Google search pages (okay, admittedly the name is rather unique, so I would expect nothing less...) but the difference is that some of those links are outside references to my story -- some are Wattpad reader lists, and there's even a Wattpad search result for the word "twink". The cover was of course #1 in the Google Image search, which also turns up a surprising amount of (unrelated) images from my blog. Yay! I OWN THIS TITLE!

Broken Bully: It is #1, but strangely there's no other links to it, not even from my blog. And its cover is only #5 on the Image Search (although, it shows up as #2 on the normal Google Web search's Image link... Google, you're forgiven).

Three Score: Here's where my bubble burst. It only shows up after scrolling through 20 pages -- a sad, lonely entry outranked by dictionary definitions, wikipedia entries, song lyrics and lots of Bible references. The Image Search is not much better. The cover is only on page 5, a single speck adrift in a sea of music scores, sport photos of big guys scoring, and other bizarre, random pictures.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Oneshots: The full title places the story's 3 pages in 1st, 2nd & 3rd place respectively. But if you leave out the "Make Oneshots" part, it disappears into oblivion, trampled by sites about the actual saying (including memes), and the occasional Twilight fan fic.


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