Review: The Horse Mistress Book 2 (R.A. Steffan)

Book 2 of The Horse Mistress
Pairing: M/M/F (where F is queer)

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

After reading the first book, I couldn't wait for the second one to come out—and I'm happy to say it exceeded my expectations, which were high already. What makes this story better than other books I've read, is not its rich world building, or the professional quality of the writing, or even the captivating plot, although all of those things already set the story apart. It is the 3 main characters—who are complex and flawed and really interesting—and their relationship with each other.

First of all, the characters are unlike any other I've encountered in the few years I've been reading in similar genres. For instance, ***SPOILER ALERT*** I've never read a book where the characters burn up the sheets (trust me, it's wow!), where one of them is a eunuch. Or where the woman in the relationship does not feel empowered by her "female body" and the conventional way a woman is supposed to have sex with a man (most stories tend to celebrate a woman's sexual faculty), so when her partners ultimately releases her sexually, it is indescribable, and I simply couldn't get enough of this story! The author treats these topics (like gender, sexuality, and intimacy) and the characters themselves, with great empathy and skill, and that made the interactions as well as the intimate scenes between them some of the most memorable I've ever read.

In this book, the relationship between Carivel, Andoc, and Senovo deepens and shifts, and she and Senovo start to bond outside their relationship with Andoc. But things happen in the overarching plot of the story that create unforeseen trauma for Carivel (although it also involved Senovo, it affected him differently), and this has a huge impact on the trio. The way the story unfolds—how the two men band together to protect and care for her and each other, even while preparing to fight a much bigger enemy—was a beautiful, heart wrenching, and ultimately unforgettable climax to an already unforgettable book. Of course the overall story carries on, raising the stakes even higher with an impending war, so I can yet again not wait for the next book to come out!

If you enjoy sizzling MMF polyamory and are open to gender fluidity, I absolutely guarantee you will love this series. It has a great plot with amazing characters, the sexy scenes will have you blushing for days (and laying awake at night 😉 ) and you will wish for your own insightful yet light-hearted warrior, and vulnerable, passionate priest (who, ***SPOILER ALERT***, are like sex coaches to couples who get married, so they know stuff. Oh boy, does he know stuff... I seriously want one for Christmas). I received a free advance copy of this book with no expectation for a review. This review is my own honest opinion.

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