Review: Scars - Avery Ford

Scars by Avery Ford
Categories: M/M, firefighter, abuse, hurt/comfort

My rating: 4½ out of 5 stars

This was a great read with wonderful characters that are a welcome deviation from the norm, and that made the story even better. Both have scars, but where one's scars are emotional, the other's are physical, but both are hiding from the world as well as intimacy in their own way. It was lovely to see their relationship blossom, and both's confidence grow as they (unintentionally) build each other up through unconditional acceptance and respect.

The author did a great job storywise as well, resisting the temptation to overshare backstories (because both our guys are just weighed down with issues, making them potentially great characters) and instead focused on their individual growth and their relationship, and throwing just enough background info our way to color between the lines without assuming the reader needs to be spoon-fed (something I usually hate).

This was a great read, with some nice emotional ups and downs (not overly angsty, just right), and a nice (if somewhat predictable) twist that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. I will definitely check out more books by this author!


Caleb always knew that his work was dangerous. For years, he'd thrived on the adrenaline rush, the danger thrumming under his skin, the tangible efforts of his labor a secondary reward when the flames flickered away to nothing and he was able to save a building, or save a life. He'd thought that the Johnson City Fire Station 10 was his home—until he got caught in a building with no way out.

Henry wasn't always shy and meek. As a child he'd always been buoyant and vivacious; in university he was the life of the party. And then he met Pritchard, and before he knew it he was skipping classes, flunking out, and isolated from his friends and family on threat of Pritchard's fists. Finally finding the courage to leave him was the best thing that Henry's ever done for himself—and also the hardest.

Caleb and Henry are both trying to put their lives back together, both scarred in different and lingering ways. Henry's bruises might have healed—but Pritchard's fists had left their mark on his soul. And Caleb's body is still healing from the burns and broken bones he'd suffered in that burning house. Neither of them are looking for love. Neither of them want someone to look beyond the surface. A quick jolt of pleasure is all they need before going their separate ways again... right?

Scars is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel, with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhangers.

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