Review: Under The Stars (The Complete Series) - Raleigh Ruebins

Under The Stars Box Set by Raleigh Reubins
Books 1–4
Categories: M/M, contemporary

Rating: 5 stars

There are four books in this boxset, and I haven't been able to stop reading from the moment I picked it up, so my life has been on hold for 2 days straight #truestory. But I don't regret a thing, because these books—every single one—were amazing, and worthy of 5 stars. Raleigh Ruebins knows how to craft an emotional, engaging story, and all her characters felt unique and interesting. Every book had its own themes that drove the story, and I loved all the different characters, each with their own loves and fears and broken dreams. I will be buying every book from this author in the future, because after reading these 4 books in a row, I'm convinced of her amazing talent to craft gorgeous love stories. 

Book Blurb:

The complete Under the Stars 4-book series, all in one bundle! Find out how 4 former boy band members live and love after the breakup of their band. From washed-up celebrities with hearts of gold to mega-superstars… from quiet nights at home to lavish parties… and after all, a happily-ever-after ending for each of the boys in the band.

Your Fallen Star (Book 1): Leo Stone used to be famous and adored, but now he just needs a comeback. He hires a young, naïve biographer named Jamie to write his life story and at first Leo is reluctant to let him into his life. But for Jamie, it's the dream of a lifetime. He used to have posters of Leo on his wall, and now he gets an up-close and personal look into his real life. Soon Leo and Jamie are sharing much more than the book, though, as sparks fly and they fall into each other's beds. But will their passionate fling be cut short when the media threatens to tear everything apart?

The Sweetest Star (Book 2): Eric Ronson never knew he'd end up as a host on a live cooking show, but now he needs a co-host by his side. Dash Thompson lived a quiet life as a food writer until suddenly he's selected to work with Eric on live TV. What he didn't expect was that he'd be asked to pretend that he's Eric's boyfriend for the show. Behind the scenes, the two men clash like fire and ice. Dash hates Eric's playboy nature… until he starts to see a glimmer of something more. He can't help but start to fall for Eric in the sweet moments behind closed doors. Will their fake TV relationship become more than just pretend?

Wild Star (Book 3): For years, Adam Fara traveled the world, never wanting to settle down. But now he's landed in a small town near a misty forest-and his next-door neighbor Grey needs him in more ways than one. Grey has had a tough life and has wanted to leave town forever. But now that Adam showed up, Grey finally sees a glimmer of beautiful hope. Grey had never been in love like this before… but is it enough to stay in Fox Hollow? And can two wild hearts find home in each other?

Your Superstar (Book 4): Chandler Price is a true superstar. From his days in boy bands to starring in major movies, he can do it all. The problem is that his marriage wasn't quite as successful. His new producer, Ash Vance, is known for being a free spirit, and right now, Chandler just wants peace and quiet. But more and more, when they're together, Chandler begins to realize Ash is more than his reputation. Chandler begins to feel things he's never felt for another man: stirrings of desire. But Chandler is straight… right? With paparazzi and the whole world watching, do Chandler and Ash stand a chance at facing the truth-that they were meant for each other?

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