Three Score

Length: Short story
Rating: Mature
Tags: one-shot, boyxboyxboy, gay, romance, hot, lemons, sex, threesome, friends

My two best friends are staying over, and after a game of strip poker and tequila, all bets are officially off!

Originally published on Wattpad, 19 May 2012

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# # #

“Hey, that’sh not fair!” Jason slurred as he unbuttoned his shirt with unsteady fingers. I just smirked at him as the other guys laughed. We were playing strip poker with the added penalty of tequila shots and my best friend was terrible at it so he was downing shots and loosing clothes at an alarming rate.

The entire team was at my house for our weekly ‘team chill’ as we called it, since my parents weren’t home. Our captain wanted us to spend more time together as a team to improve team dynamics. His plan was met with some resistance but it turned out he was right; once we started to know each other our game improved tenfold. It made sense though, since underwater hockey didn’t afforded a lot of talk time.

Poker was a regular thing at these chills, and sometimes we added tequila just for the fun of it, but combining that with stripping was Eddie’s idea. He always had these crazy ideas, and somehow we always ended up going along with it, even though it was only us guys. It’s not like we were uncomfortable with each other’s bodies anyway — our ‘uniforms’ (i.e. swimming briefs) left little to the imagination after all. But it took a few shots for the  atmosphere to return to the usual relaxed banter with the added loudness that came from lubrication.

Except for Lionel, my other best friend. He looked a bit tense as he took his turn, and gave a frustrated groan as he lost his second shoe. He bent forward and fumbled with the laces, and I got the feeling it had nothing to do with his alcohol intake.

I leaned over casually to not draw attention to us.

“You okay man?” I asked quietly.

He just flushed and straightened. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he mumbled, eyes downcast.

I’ve known Lionel forever. He was lying.

I played my hand without incident, then it was Jason’s turn and he lost again. Everyone started cheering when he downed his shot and started to do a little striptease with his pants. I laughed and joined in the jeering; it was nice to see Jay loosen up, he was the most serious guy I knew. That’s when I saw it, the way Lionel was watching him with hooded eyes, and things suddenly clicked.

As I’ve said, I’ve known Lionel forever and knew him better than I knew myself. We also knew each other’s sexual orientation: Lionel was bi and loved to experiment, while I was gay and not as experienced as he was, but despite our longstanding attraction we’ve decided not to risk our friendship by taking things further. We kept our sexual preferences to ourselves though, because things might get a bit awkward with the guys considering how much time we spent together semi-naked.

When Jason joined the team a year ago, Lionel and I quickly became good friends with him but I always got the vibe that he was straight, which probably explained why Lionel hasn’t made a move on him. But right now I guess the tequila has lowered his guards because the desire in his eyes was unmistakable.

I gave him a look that said I saw and that if I saw, someone else might see too. He quickly looked away.

Things were fast approaching that point where no one was playing poker anymore because everyone was too plastered. It came as no surprised when Jason was the first to lose all his clothes, which also signalled the end of our game and our captain told everyone to go home.

Jason and Lionel were staying over at my house, so we remained where we were while everyone else started to leave. I glanced at Lionel who was once again staring at Jason. Suddenly I couldn’t think of a single reason why the two people I liked the most in the world shouldn’t get together.

I grabbed Jason’s clothes.

“The loser gets to spend the night naked!” I declared, which resulted in a heated struggle between me and Jason for his clothes. I must say, I’ve never noticed him in that way before, but it was quite erotic to have him pressed up against me with no barriers, his fingers clawing at my chest. The guy was hot, that’s for sure. I threw the clothes at Lionel who caught them, surprised, but immediately played along. Poor Jason, he didn’t stand a chance.

By the time we collapsed in a tired heap on the floor, laughing our asses off, we were alone.

“Come on guys,” Jason pleaded breathlessly, his body sandwiched between me and Lionel. I looked evilly at Lionel and he grinned back at me.

“Not before you beg,” I said and grabbed his arms, twisting them behind his back. Jason was not only the most serious guy I knew, he was also the most ticklish, and we regularly made him regret the day he confided that little secret to us.

Lionel didn’t skip a beat as he dug his fingers into Jason’s ribs and made him scream like a girl.

“No! Stooooop!” he squealed, and I laughed so hard my sides ached. Lionel’s fingers stilled and it took me a moment to notice the way he looked at us. At the way I was holding Jason’s naked body to me.

I felt a strange thrill travel down my spine as Lionel’s eyes smouldered with barely concealed lust. I pulled Jason tightly against me and leaned in, my nose brushing the side of his jaw. Lionel’s eyes darkened and his lips parted and that thrill travelled lower and made my balls tingle.

Jason has noticed by now that we weren’t moving anymore, and he started to say something but stilled when I slowly dragged my tongue up his neck, leaving a wet trail behind. I wasn’t really paying attention to Jason, it was the lust in Lionel’s eyes that was sending sparks into my groin.

By now the atmosphere has turned electric and Lionel reached forward slowly and wiped my spit off Jason’s neck.

Then brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean, one by one.

“Fuck,” Jason breathed and what Lionel saw on his face must have been an open invitation, because the next moment he was kissing Jason passionately.

I felt Jason’s arm jerk lose from my grip before he wrapped it around Lionel’s neck to pull him against him. I was starting to feel a little left out when Lionel put his hand in my hair and pulled my face closer. He released Jason’s lips and locked lips with mine and suddenly I knew what it felt like to be kissed, like, really kissed.

Kissing my best friend was like a revelation.

I barely registered Jason’s doleful expression as he watched us right next to his face, still caught between our bodies.

“Guys…” he said and we broke apart, breathing fast. We looked at him, feeling a bit guilty for taking advantage of our friend’s drunken state. He looked at us questioningly. “Why am I the only one who’s naked?” he asked. Lionel’s face became amused.

“You don’t find us kissing… strange?” he asked. Jason seemed to think about it for a moment before he gave us a beautiful smile.

“Nah, as long as you don’t forget to kiss me too.”

Lionel gave me a look, one filled with want and need, and I gave him a small nod. He started kissing Jason with renewed vigour as I wrapped my arms around his body and dragged my hands down his abs, his stomach, downwards till my fingers reached past his genitals and around his thighs, then up again, down and up, down and up while I kissed his back and neck. I could feel him growing hard.

Lionel was doing things to his mouth that turned me on so much I couldn’t help the moan that slipped out and the next thing I knew Jason has turned his head and grabbed my lips with his and we were kissing sloppily, his one arm wrapped around my neck while his other one pulled Lionel closer.

Lionel has somehow gotten naked and I felt Jason tug at my pants, but kissing while undressing me proved too difficult so he gave up. I jerked when his hand grabbed my hard-on through the fabric and started kneading me rhythmically. Lionel’s body pressed against mine as he moved around, his mouth dragging wet kisses down my side and stomach and I lowered my body to the floor, completely lost in the sensation. Jason didn’t once break our kiss and I barely registered the moment my pants were gone and then there were two bodies and four hands and lots of skin and muscles and lips and the only thing my brain registered was “more”.

So I lifted myself up and twisted my body a bit, still kissing Jason, so I could reach between Lionel’s legs. He moaned and shifted closer as I took him in my hand and stroked him without breaking contact with Jason, who in turn took my straining dick in his hand and by now I was completely lost in lust as fireworks started going off all over my body.

Jason fumbled and lost momentum, then stopped working me altogether, and I started to complain when I heard him give a loud moan before he came all over my stomach. I didn’t even notice that Lionel was busy with him, and now he turned his attention to my straining need.

He lowered his head and kissed my stomach and thighs, making my dick twitch in anticipation. He kissed lower, then grabbed my legs and lifted them up before he licked down my length, then sucked my balls into his mouth. Fuck! That felt good! He moved his tongue around and around while sucking, alternating between my dick and balls. I felt his fingers rub my slick tip and I nearly lost it but he pressed down on the slit and I swore out loud at the explosive pleasure that he so effectively restrained.

I noticed Jason’s body hovering over mine as he kissed Lionel’s back, his genitals mere inches from my face. It was still slick with cum, so I stuck out my tongue and licked him clean. He wasn’t expecting it and must have bitten down in surprise because Lionel suddenly gave a loud cry and clamped down on me. It was painful and erotic and my hips automatically shot up and I deep-throated Lionel, who hummed around me and made the sparks erupt into a runaway wildfire that burned through my veins.

I lifted my head to envelop Jason’s dick with my mouth and he sagged down in pleasure as I started playing with him using my tongue. Lionel looked up at me as he followed my movements hungrily while his own mouth worked me seductively. He was almost at snapping point himself.

Suddenly he started to rim me and I cried out from the intense pleasure. His tongue lapped at my hole before he pushed it in and out, then he lapped around the edge again before he replaced it with his fingers. I felt them slip inside and I pressed down into them, desperate to feel him inside me. Jason was hard again by now and he rolled away as Lionel moved his body higher, skin on skin, until I felt his hardness press against my butt.

“You okay with this?” he whispered, and I nodded, needing him so bad. He continued to move and scissor his fingers inside me, loosening me up further.

Then he slipped his length into me.

He filled me halfway then held still. Jason started to lick and suck his neck and Lionel moaned with pleasure but he still wasn’t moving so I pushed my ass into him and sheathed him fully and started to move my hips until I felt him pick up speed and we moved together. I felt a jolt when he suddenly teased my nipple and cried out as he sucked the other one. Things were getting too much for my over sensitised body, and I arched upwards, again and again, pushing him deeper, harder, faster. I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him deeply, then trailed down to his shoulder where I latched on to his collarbone and sucked hard as I felt things come to a climax.

“I’m gonna—” I managed before my breath hitched and I felt everything pull together then explode into one singular supernova of pleasure.

When I finally came back down I saw Lionel cradling Jason’s face.

“Have you ever been inside a guy before?” Lionel asked softly. Jason shook his head. He took Jason’s hand and lifted it to his mouth.

“Do you want to be?” Lionel asked, sucking Jason’s fingers seductively before he placed them at his own entrance. Jason’s expression of lust was tainted with uncertainty as Lionel guided his hand, then slowly pressed down so Jason’s fingers slipped inside him. Jason’s eyes widened, and Lionel’s eyes closed and then Jason’s instincts took over while Lionel used his body and hands to show Jason how to prepare him.

I couldn’t take my eyes of them. They looked delicious as Jason stared hungrily at Lionel, his fingers working in and out of him, while Lionel’s eyes rolled back in his head from pleasure. I took Jason’s free hand and placed it on Lionel’s erection to remind him not to neglect the front, while I slowly licked Lionel’s nipple and sucked it lightly, intensifying his pleasure. Lionel hissed and threw his whole body back while Jason pumped him.

“I need you Jason, please…”

Jason glanced at me and I nodded in encouragement, so he positioned himself at Lionel’s entrance hesitantly. I watched mesmerised at the sight of his large dick slowly pushing into my friend’s hole.

“Yessssss,” Lionel hissed, his eyes closed, his hands clawing at the carpet for better grip. Jason’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he was finally all the way in.

“You’re so tight,” he said breathlessly, then sobbed when Lionel contracted his anal muscle to squeeze him hard.

“Shit Lionel, shit. Fuck!” He started swearing incoherently as he suddenly drove into Lionel fervently, his eyes glazed over, his mouth slightly open. I laced my fingers through Lionel’s to give him some purchase while the sound of banging filled the room. The sounds Lionel made was so loud that I kissed him to muffle some of it and he kissed me back deliriously, his tongue dominating my mouth in the most erotic way. He grabbed my head to keep me there and I could feel his actions becoming more desperate as Jason got closer to his edge.

I wrapped my hand around Lionel’s dick and started stroking him fast in rhythm with Jason’s actions, earning me a long, stretched-out scream that grew in intensity so I tried to muffle it as well as I could. He started to twitch as gooey stuff shot out and covered everything.

“Fuuuuuuuu—” Jason didn’t finish that thought as his whole body spasmed before he collapsed onto Lionel, breathing hard.

I looked at their two slick bodies pressed together and couldn’t help the desire that burgeoned in my stomach. I leaned forward and kissed Lionel softly on the mouth, then kissed Jason's heaving shoulder, slick with sweat. I couldn't resist the instinct to bite and suck on it until I felt satisfied.

Jason turned his head tiredly to look at me.

“What did you just do?”

“Nothing,” I said innocently, but Lionel knew me way too well. He jabbed me with a fist.

“Out with it loser,” he demanded but I just lifted an eyebrow at him, and the next moment I knew he has flipped me over and pinned me underneath his exquisite nakedness. Fuck, I was getting hard again. He ignored that little detail as he glared at me.

"You two match,” I said happily.

Lionel looked at me bewildered, so I pointed at the beautiful hickey on his collarbone, then at the one I just made on Jason’s shoulder.

“You marked us?”

I smirked at him and he gave me an evil glare.

“Well, I don’t think I like this,” Lionel said with a clenched jaw.


He pushed me down and sucked on my neck, leaving a black mark.

“There. Now we match,” he said satisfied and laid down next to me on the carpet.

Jason was starring off into the distance, a small frown between his eyes. Lionel and I looked at each other worriedly.

“Jay? Something wrong?” I asked and touched his arm. He jumped, and looked at us like he’s seeing us for the first time.

“Listen Jay—” Lionel said concerned but Jason suddenly leaned forward and crashed his lips into Lionel’s. He crawled on top of him and started kissing him senseless. Which only exacerbated my own little ‘problem’.

“Hey guys, don’t forget to come up for air soon,” I laughed, trying hard not to feel left out but failing miserably. Jay stuck out a hand and grabbed my shoulder before he pulled me on top of him and kissed me till I swear I saw stars.

When he finally released me I was completely hard again.

Lionel took Jason’s face and firmly turned it towards him. “Jay, how drunk are you?”

“I think I’ve been sober since you put my dick in your mouth.”

I chocked on my spit and Lionel coughed back a laugh.

“Okay, so I guess it’s safe to say that—” Lionel started.

“You’ve spoilt me for girls for the rest of my life, yeah. And you’ve spoilt me for sex that doesn’t involve you two,” Jason replied very serious, and Lionel and I looked at each. I must admit, I couldn’t imagine going back to anything less than this either, but we’ve never hooked up before now, so this was kind of new to all of us.

“That’s not necessarily a bad thing,” he amended quickly and laid down on my other side.

“Well, I guess it’s safe to say—”

“That this was the best sex I’ve ever had,” I sighed, which elicited an affirmative grunt from Jason.

“Then it’s safe to say that—”

“We’re definitely doing this again. Right?” Jason asked expectantly.

“Will you two shut up?” Lionel burst out and we paused in surprise. He propped himself up on one elbow. “I’m trying to say that it’s obviously safe to say,” he glanced at Jason through lowered lashes and gave him such a flirtatious look that Jason flushed pink, “that you’re definitely spending the night naked.”

“But what about you guys?” he frowned.

“Oh, I don’t know. I guess it depends on what you do with that sexy ass of yours,” Lionel shrugged before he leaned over me and started kissing Jason. I wanted to say something about how he was cutting off my air supply and I couldn’t breath, but then I felt his rock hard length pressing into my leg.

I smiled before I lifted my hips and squeezed his dick between my inner thighs.

Time for round two.

<<< THE END >>>

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